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Using jqGrid with ASP.NET MVC: LINQ Extensions

Mere hours after I posted the first in a planned series of posts on using jqGrid in ASP.NET MVC applications, Phil Haack, a rather-more-widely-read-ASP.NET-MVC-blogger, wrote a long post on, er, exactly the same thing. Who, me, bitter? Naahhh… :) But it turns out that we’re using the grid in a different way, and I think the difference is important. So rather than just referring you to Phil’s post and skipping the rest of the series, I think I still have some important information to contribute. In particular, I’m using the grid in a way which allows me to write an extension method for IQueryable<T> which returns data suitable for the grid, without having to know anything about the type T. If you look closely at the code in Phil’s post, you will see that populating the cell array requires custom code (or use of reflection) every time you want to return data to a grid.


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