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Ajax survey 2009: jQuery and MS Ajax are almost tied

Simone posts the results of the survey about ajax adoption among .NET developers. jQuery gained 58% since 2007 and now is almost tied to the MS Ajax stack (Control toolkit and ajax core)


Was submtting the story when you submitted your own ;-) Communications have been acclerated :-)

Kind of mind connection :)

nice details. thanks!

I'm more surprised at the lack of adoption of the ASP.NET MVC framework. I'd like to revisit this survey, with focus on how many developers are working on older projects and their plans on using ASP.NET MVC for future projects.

@senfo: ASP.NET MVC RTM-ed just a few months ago. 30% of adoption after only 2 months from the RTM looks good to me.
As for revisiting the survey... this was about Ajax... not about WebForms vs ASP.NET MVC

I replied with an updated comment on the linked site, but forgot to come back here.

At any rate, I've been using ASP.NET MVC since November of 2007, so it feels like it has been out longer than it really has. Having said that, I agree with you that a 30% adoption rate after two months is actually pretty successful. I also realize that this particular survey was focused on AJAX libraries, but I would still like to see an expansion of the ASP.NET MVC survey that was brought up in the blog post.

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