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T4 Toolbox Offers Alternate LINQ to SQL Class Generator: Explained

If you aren’t up with the know, T4 Templates or the Text Template Transformation Toolkit is a Microsoft template-driven code generation toolkit baked right into Visual Studio 2008 (and available in Visual Studio 2005 as an additional download) which allows you to do some pretty cool stuff in the way of code generation — that being generating classes, sql scripts, MVC and/or Dynamic Data templates, or anything you like really. It can plug in and read database information quickly and has gained a lot more traction over the last year or so with the adoption by ASP.NET MVC and Dynamic Data really driving it’s name, however unfortunately with the lack of great IDE support, which I’m hoping might change a little come Visual Studio 2010 there is no in-built syntax highlighting or easy way to get started with using it (eg. no “Add new item”). However, it’s a great system and can provide loads of benefit out of the box.


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