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ASP.NET MVC, DynamicData, Domain-/RiaServices, Unity and NHibernate

For this project the following (extensive) list of libraries is used (all these libraries are included in the download): * MS ASP.NET Mvc 1.0 * Microsoft .NET RIA Services July 2009 Preview * NHibernate 2.1.0CR1 * NHibernate Linq (latest trunk version) * FluentNhibernate (latest trunk version, patched to work with NHibernate 2.1.0CR1) * MS Unity 1.2 * ASP.NET Dynamic Data MVC Preview (since this project is pretty old, I had to modify it quite a bit, the source is included in the download) * I used Rob Conery’s t4 templates as the base to generate entities from the database.


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