Tuesday May 3rd

Monday May 2nd

Nuclex Framework on CodePlex

Nuclex.org has finally published their Nuclex Framework, a library of advanced building blocks for XNA game programming, as Open Source on CodePlex! Just some of the features: 3D Vector font rendering, multi-threaded particle system simulation, 3D SpriteBatch replacement, content compression using LZMA (7-Zip), graphical user interfaces with skin support, texture atlas creation, game state management, collision detection, C++' deque ported to C#, debug overlay renderer, automatic vertex declaration creator, game state management and more, all organized into neatly isolated building blocks you can pick from. The code has more than 1,400 unit tests with some assemblies achieving 100.0% test coverage and is thoroughly and completely documented.


looks like nice and useful stuff, thanks!!! will try it!

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