Thursday May 5th

Wednesday May 4th

ReSharper Discount & Extended Trial

I have had a few emails recently asking if I am still able to obtain the 10% discount coupons and 60 day extended trial for ReSharper


I used to think CodeRush was the only add-in to have, but the N-Unit integration in R# rocks

Code rush is for quick draw coding ReSharper is all about the refactoring and testing I like both

The answer is yes I still have them! the description got cut short for some reason..

Thanks for sharing and the lightning quick response! I am up and running cheers

Hey sedgey, how do I get an extended trial key from you? my current trial is about to expire and my company is still yet to decide whether it will purchase new 5.0 licenses. thanks and i really, really appreciate it! can't code w/o it :D

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