Friday February 5th

List of 200 (and growing) .Net Developers on Twitter, via Twitter List

A compiled list of 200 (and growing) .Net Developers on Twitter, via the new Twitter feature, "Twitter Lists"


I resisted Twitter for quite some time thinking that it had very little value and was for Narcissistic people to inform others of their every move.

However, when I decided to follow some of the leaders (in my opinion) and experienced, helpful devs in the .Net community, I found a lot of unexpected value and insight. It allowed me to follow the thinking and debugging patterns of experienced developers, get early access to frameworks, join exclusive betas, and when they would friend me in return, it gave me a resource to ask (no abuse) those experienced developers on something I was deeply stuck on. Yes, I often have to sift through some noise (sometimes really funny and interesting noise, granted), but if one dev gets too noisy, I just stop following -- a simple solution.

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