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7 tips for for loading Javascript rich Web 2.0-like sites super fast

When you create rich Ajax application, you use external JavaScript frameworks and you have your own homemade code that drives your application. The problem with well known JavaScript framework is, they offer rich set of features which are not always necessary in its entirety. You may end up using only 30% of jQuery but you still download the full jQuery framework. So, you are downloading 70% unnecessary scripts. Similarly, you might have written your own javascripts which are not always used. There might be features which are not used when the site loads for the first time, resulting in unnecessary download during initial load. Initial loading time is crucial – it can make or break your website. We did some analysis and found that every 500ms we added to initial loading, we lost approx 30% traffic who never wait for the whole page to load and just close browser or go away. So, saving initial loading time, even by couple of hundred milliseconds, is crucial for survival of a startup, especially if it’s a Rich AJAX website.


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