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Write C# instead of JavaScript - gain the productivity of C# dev.

SharpKit is a Web Toolkit that enables you to write C# and convert it to JavaScript during compilation. Writing and maintaining JavaScript code can be very expensive. Migrating from JavaScript to C# enables you to: *Leverage Visual Studio C# productivity *Maximize cross-browser compatibility *Streamline client-side code review


What a waste. Learn javascript, stop bitching about it. It's an awesome language

Why pay for this when you can do it for free?

Partly agree, but the javascript make our UI look fashion :)

Script# is a free and stable tool that does the same.

Have to agree with kevnz, this kind of attiude is what gave up Webforms and server controls. It is much better to learn Javascript if you want to use JavaScript.

I like the idea and the fact that there are free and paid for options for it! A contractor I used to work with used a similar concept in Java, nice to see C# has that too now.

Comparison to JSC and ScriptSharp

So how exactly would I do the equivalent of
Object.prototype.someMethod = function() { }

HOWTO: Declare prototype variables and functions

Yes, they provide a nice comparison chart, but they are comparing the $649 version to the others! It would be far more informative if they had a column with the free version features.

The must also be comparing an old version, because the ScriptSharp website says it supports jQuery, while that list says it doesn't.

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