Alvas.Audio now supports x64 mode on 64-bit operating systems.

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4/7/2011 8:17:31 AM

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Alvas.Audio 8.1 version has been published. New features: Supports x64 mode on 64-bit operating systems. WaveformVisualizer draws picture of the sound amplitude-time representation (Waveform). Removes DC offset. DC offset is an offsetting of a signal from zero. Occurs when hardware, such as a sound card, adds DC offset to a recorded audio signal. AuReader reads an audio data from the .AU and .SND streams. ToFormat method converts audio data to the specified audio format. Normalize method raises the volume so that the highest sample level reaches a maximum level. Swaps stereo channels. Inverts the audio signal to 180 degrees. All positive values in the wave form are replaced by negative and vice versa. Frees memory previously allocated for audio format. Creates 32-bit IEEE Float audio format. Performs resampling audio data from and to 8/16/24/32-bit integer PCM and 32-bit IEEE Float audio formats.