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ASP.NET Dynamic Data Routing Admin/User Views

Adding routing to a ASP.NET Dynamic Data site to accommodate User and Admin Views.


Do you think this method of access control could easily be extended to support group based ACLs rather than just admin/non-admin? Or do you think a different approach would be better in that case?

You can add as many routes as you want and you can add routes that are specific to custom pages. So viewing the data based on groups is possible. You would need to enter in additional routes like the first two segments of code outlined in the post and only change or add the group name to the route.

As for securing the application using the web.config/ASP.NET User Group approach will only secure at the route level. Meaning only views that are seen through that route can be seen by an associated User Group. To get more granularity (down to the field level) in your application some extension methods will need to be added which has been devised by Stephen Naughton -

Hope this helps.

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