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The All-In-One Code Framework Sample Browser goes Metro

The newly-updated Metro-style desktop app for the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework <>. It allows you to browse, download, and submit new requests for a variety of common (practical) programming tasks.


I'm guessing it isn't actually Metro, since Windows 8 is still in preview. It does seem like they've adopted the look-and-feel of a metro app though. I'm guessing it's still in WPF/.Net?

Well Metro at its core is just set of design guidelines. It's not a software technology or library per se. Windows 8 will just include a more "official" sort of metro support.

The app itself seems to be WPF/.NET, yeah. It's supply .NET samples, so I'd hope so!

In any case, this app is just as much Metro as Zune (for desktop) or any of the current WP7 apps. It's just a shame Microsoft haven't released any WPF themes for Metro yet... it will probably all come officially with WinRT/Win8.

I don't know if Metro is just a hype or it is going to stay. When WPF, WCF, WF was released, I thought that they were hyped up stuff. But, I have started using WPF and WCF quite a lot.

This sample browser looks good. I will try it out sometime later.

I'd like to think it's just hype... but with the recent Windows 8 demo it looks like it's going to be a major future part of desktop Windows as well as WP7 (unfortunately in my view). It does have the look of a fad to me least on the desktop.

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