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Behind the kicks - multiple hosts within one ASP.NET application

This is the first in a series of planned articles which cover the implementation of these sites. You may have seen the website in the guise of, but it also can be viewed from the following domains:, & All of these hosts are mapped to the same ASP.NET application in IIS.


Hello I have seen today you are talking about multiple names for a web site,that given me an imprision, you are genious on hosting web site information.
I have a question. I have purchased a domain name, now I want to host it on my home
machine, I have a DSL line, Can you please provide me steps on how to host it..please...that would be great help.

If your IP address is not be static, you will need a service like If you have a firewall, you will have to open some ports to allow the incoming traffic.

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