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Iron Foundry Adds Microsoft Service Bus Support to Cloud Foundry

Microsoft recently released a beta version of their Service Bus for Windows messaging technology, and the Iron Foundry team has now added this as an available service in Iron Foundry. The Service Bus for Windows is a scaled down version of the Service Bus product included in their Windows Azure cloud offering. The Service Bus for Windows, which supports brokered message through both traditional Queues and multi-subscriber Topics, provides Iron Foundry developers yet another option when building distributed applications. Our awesome dev team followed the standard steps for adding new application services to a Cloud Foundry / Iron Foundry environment and also used a previous write-up of mine to guide the software installation. We’ve already updated the vcap-services source code into Github and you can clone the mssb (Microsoft Service Bus) directory today. There were also changes to the .NET DEA to account for this new service and handing credentials back to the user. The Service Bus for Windows uses Microsoft SQL Server for its persistence tier, so we’ve tied the service to the instance of SQL Server that runs in Iron Foundry. Our hosted environment is running this today, and we’ve provisioned a shared Service Bus farm and host that holds each consumer’s individual namespace. Let’s see a demonstration of this in action!


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