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Stop Waiting, CorrugatedIron v1.0 .NET Client for Riak Released

I’ll kick right off with all the specifics: Jeremiah did a blog entry on today’s release titled “Just one more thing… Introducing Corrugated Iron v1.0“. Github CorrugatedIron Project Site for Corrugated Iron Riak Database & Github Repo CorrugatedIron Installation CorrugatedIron on Nuget Samples on Github Send a congrats out to the team duo of OJ @TheColonial & Jeremiah @peschkaj via Twitter. Check out the .NET Rocks Podcast with Jeremiah talking with Carl and Richard about storing data in Riak. Also check out Adrian Hills’ article on getting up and running via Nuget with Corrugated Iron in Visual Studio, ping him on Twitter @AdaTheDev. So no excuses in .NET land to write some apps that are hard core data centric and capable based on the power of Riak! There are tons of features. You can read about them yourself via the file on the CorrugatedIron Repository, but I wanted to post the features right here so you get an idea of the feature rich capabilities of the library. In addition, it does indeed work on Linux & OS-X with Mono. So don’t let Windows get in your way!


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