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Wednesday April 27th v2 Sneak Preview v2 will go live this weekend. Here is a sneak preview.


Tagging!!! Woo Hoo!

Are there are other features in v2?

There are some UI improvements with v2, although tagging is the major new feature.

There are a number of features currently being worked on for v2.1, which is scheduled for release in about 4 weeks time. The comment system will be much improved in v2.1. Comments will be threaded and you will be able to kick comments that you like. Anonymous users will also be able to post comments.

Will we be able to view a list of our own tags or is it just per story?

Yes, each user will have their own Tag Cloud. You will also be able to view all stories tagged with a certain tag:

Of course this will also work at a site level too:

Great !!!

Some ideas from my wish list for the future of the site =)

- search stories
- feedback button or link
- top rated and hot stories
-maybe with date (best of yesterday, today, last week)
- some algorithm to detect hot histories (kicks / log(days_old+1)) or something like
- some page to check the submitions of some user, or the same that now but with an option to hide the others stories

Anyway just my 2 cents
Keep the good work

Thanks for the suggestions Marcos. I will be adding a wiki this weekend too, so we will be able to track these suggestions.

DotNetKicks v2 is live!!

I hope you like it.

The tagging feature is great, well done

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