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Top 10 reasons to use Windows XP 64bit

1. Premier performance. 2. Vast memory support. 3. Optimized platform and improved collaboration. 4. Increased reliability and security for your most important data. 5. Opportunity for innovation. 6. Greater flexibility. 7. Multiprocessing and multicore processor support. 8. Advantages for specialized, technical applications. 9. Single desktop for technical and business applications. 10. Familiar programming model.


11. Desire for headaches

Actually, I don't mean to be rude, but my coworker runs x64, and while it's fast and all, there is plenty to be desired. Check out his blog for more details.

yes, x64 has many great advances ... but the rest is slow to catch up. I've been running if for a few months now. Only a small handful of virus scanners work with it, I have several peripherals that aren't supported, and it took a few weeks to diagnose some random blue screens do to driver incompatibilities. Yes, its cool, but it maybe too early to make the final switch ...

I agree that there are headaches, I currently only run SQL Server 2005 and Virtual Server 2005 on my x64 box. The virtual machines that it hosts are all 32 bit.

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