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Firefox Myths - Myths Regarding The Firefox Web Browser

I know that a lot of people don't agree with this article, the web developers much less, but I found it interesting and some things that he saids are true. I use the Maxthon Browser (based on IE) and sometimes Opera. Some new features of Firefox 2.0 are in Maxthon and Opera from a lot of time now =)


Some points are valid, but alot are just plain FUD.

Conclusion: This article is trash. No kick from me.

I don´t said that the article is true, I simply don't use firefox at all (I preffer Opera as an alternative).

I completely agree with the part of the article about fanboys. I´ve a lot of friends that use Firefox and think that if you use the IE you have a security breach in your machine. I use Maxthion (based on IE) without antivirus nor firewall and I don't have any problems with virus or spywares =)

Best Regards

Hi Marcos,

I didn't mean to take a pop at you, and it is good that you added the article.


I have to agree with RobChappel - the article is pure FUD. The author shows a complete lack of integrity in most of the presented claims, from the arguements to the cited links.

I do every flavor of ASP.NET coding/testing and Silverlight...
Currently IE7 is much more stable in most all my tests.
Even mentioning this seems to start a battle.
Yes I've been testing the the current Firefox beta however it is still useless for ASP.NET with Silverlight.
My own preferences have nothing to do with the next chaps...Each of us should use what works best and put an end to these silly browser wars.

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