Friday February 12th

Thursday February 11th

Composite UI Application Block - Soup to Nuts - Getting Started

Bil Smiser posts the first of many articles about the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) - "I’m currently helping some teams move towards creating Smart Client applications. As part of that move, I’m also introducing them to use the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) which will ease the pain of building the UI, separating it, and generally making it a better life than just writing plain old boring Windows Form apps. So this begins a series of blogs on writing applications using CAB. The series starts super simple, with a bare minimal example and compares the differences between a regular WinForm app and one written using the CAB. In this series, we’ll just keep building on each example to another and finish off with an n-tier, service-oriented solution that employs the CAB and does some pretty cool stuff. I won’t reveal what the app is but you can figure it out as we go along."


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