Thursday May 5th

Wednesday May 4th

"We give stupid prizes to Smart People" - August Prizes

The Community Credit prizes for August include an iLounge Toilet Paper Dispenser, an 8GB USB Microdrive and some other really cool, geeky and yes, stupid prizes. The full list of prizes for August is: Grand Prize: One 8GB USB Microdrive 1st Prize: iLounge Toilet Paper Dispenser 2nd Prize: nuclear war USB hub 3rd Prize: Hydrogen Fuel Rocket 4th Prize: USB Ghost Radar Detector 5th Prize: USB Beer Can Cooler 6th Prize: TIX Led Clock 7th Prize: #include Beer Mugs 8th Prize: Climbatron, Window Climbing Robot 9th Prize: Hydro-phobic Desktop Space Sand 10th Prize: Firewheel Rubber Band Guns 11th Prize: Pirates of Davy Jones Curse Special Edition Box 12th Prize: Space Ace DVD Video 13th Prize: Little Einstein


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