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Affiliate Tracking - Redirect a page using a Header

Any keen surfer will be familiar with Affiliate Marketing, its a huge industry with Google's Adwords driving "Pay Per Click" campaigns. Google provide the Adwords application and Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns from click through, to page view, lead generation and sale, with the tracking easily implemented by inserting a small snippet of JavaScript in the page.


Hi Paul

My name is Luke Carter and I am currently in the process of finishing adding my banner and text ads to my site from Trade Doubler, Affiliate Future and Affiliate Window. I want to be able to measure the performance outside of the reports the affiliates provide and so I have added Google Analytics.

I understand your recommendation for tracking affiliate traffic, but what do I set as my Goal URL and should I define funnels by the categories where all of the Trade Doubler, Affiliate Future and Affiliate Window merchant adverts appear?

I would appreciate your advice on this issue. Please feel free to contact me on 0114 279 4999 / 0161 4286001 / 07912 883100, or

Thank you

Luke Carter

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