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Developers Petition Microsoft to Rename .NET Framework 3.0

A group of developers are petitioning Microsoft to change the name of the announced ".NET Framework 3.0" back to "WinFX" or another less-confusing name Enter and left your sign =)


It should be named WinFX.

Of course Gavin, I can´t belive how MS don't hear their users. All the post that I read about this said that is a "VERY WRONG DECITION" I hope that the petition makes to re think the name to Microsoft.

I like .NET Framework 3.0 because thats what WinFX is...
I've been saying that WinFX is actually .NET 3.0 long before they actually renamed it and I dont understand why its a "confusing name"

It's considered confusing because .NET 2.0 and C# 2.0 came out at the same time; calling the next version of .NET "3.0" before C# 3.0 comes out breaks the major version tracking.

If you read the petition ekampf you can understand a bit more why a lot of developers around the world whant a different name, the main reason is that the ".NET 3.0" run over the CLR 2.0 and, like the petition said, the WinFX are a different thing of the framework, for example you can develop aplications without using any of the features of the .NET 3.0 and the books and other resurces must reprint their books with out any rasonable reason...

First I thought that .net 3.0 was a good name. However as marcos just said, after I read the article I now agree, it should not be called .NET 3.0. WinFX is better.

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