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My Blogger A-List - a good start feed for .net Developers

Everyone reads blogs, right? So why not read the good ones?


Grrr. no mention of DotNetKicks.

A good list, thanks for adding it.

^^ yep. thats because i usually don't go to digg or reddit also.
the problem is, that these pages have the same problem as thematic news sites. their level is too low.
i only want to read and see advanced stuff. not what beginners like. i'm an very advanced .net user, and want to read stuff that i dont know.
just go thru the main page and saw only one post of possible interrest, because i allready knew the thematic of the other posts.
gimme an page of only really advanced stuff, and i'll add it to my feed list.

Fair point, I suppose that this site will always have a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced .NET links.

I am currently working on a namespace aware tagging system, it could be used to tag stories as beginner, intermediate or advanced. The tags could have RSS feeds.

I'll look into what I can do here, I do want DotNetKicks to provide a useful stream of links to everone.

Excellent point. It would be a great feature to be able to only get the advanced stuff.

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