Thursday May 5th

Wednesday May 4th

Creating Visual Studio Project Templates

Often, developers perform the same repetitive operations when creating a new Visual Studio project. They frequently find themselves adding the same references and sometimes the same project items to their projects. Sometimes, developers even add more or less identical "framework" code (that is, code that performs essential operations, such as instantiating top-level objects found in an application object model). When these repetitive operations involve adding references or otherwise empty project items, they are just mildly annoying and inefficient. When they require adding repetitive code, they often become irritating and, depending on how the repetitive code is generated, error-prone as well. However, Visual Studio 2005 offers a solution to the inefficiencies of creating largely identical projects: custom project and item templates, supplemented by wizards, can automate the process of project creation and eliminate the need for developers to add the same references, the same project items, or even largely identical code to new projects.


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