Friday February 5th

Where is .NET?

Today at Digg/programming, not one single topic involved .NET. There were a lot of PHP, Ruby and Java. So where is .NET? Why is .NET so under represented on the broader community sites? I don’t think it is because PHP or Java has a bigger user base or is better or worse than .NET. It must be something else. Maybe it is because .NET developers just don’t care about the other programming languages and platforms. That’s fair enough, but I don’t buy it.


It was the lack of .NET posts on digg that pushed me to create DotNetKicks. Perhaps the anti-microsoft bias in the slashdot community is present in the digg community too? This would result in .NET posts and comments being digged down. dzone was launched by they guys who created JavaLobby, so they have a large community of Java developers there, hence the bias towards non-.NET topics.

I'm not sure what the solution is, although continuing to add your stories to wont hurt ;).

Digg users are more interested in open source software and non-Microsoft products. There is a anti-Microsoft mentality there, but it's not quite as rampant as with Slashdot. ajax even not listed in popular stories in digg!

.netkicks is really great project for this reason. perhaps ms will give hand in the future and new categories is added and will be a competitor of digg. i hope.

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