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Using the Visual Studio Interface

Learn how to get the most out of the the Visual Studio user interface. Excerpt: I spend most of my console application programming time in the following four sets of Visual Studio windows: The Solution Explorer and Class View windows The Editor window The Help window The Debugger windows These windows are listed in "chronological order" and not order of importance. When writing a large program, you deal with the Solution Explorer window and then you enter C# source code in the Editor window, all the while using the Help window as an aid and Solution Explorer or Class View to navigate around your program. After you enter your program, you find errors in the Debugger window. Once a week or so, you go to the pay window to get paid, but that’s not part of Visual Studio. Before I do anything, however, I arrange the windows the way I want them to look. Developing Windows graphical applications introduces several more windows: the Form Designer window, the Toolbox window, and the Properties window.


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