Friday February 12th

Thursday February 11th

Free Copies of Vista Business and Office 2007 Professional

Microsoft just launched several Webcasts that provide details on Windows Vista and Office 2007. Watch 3 and get a free copy of Vista Business and/or Office 2007 Professional. Sounds like a good deal for getting some free training on the new products.


As the comments on Dan's blog note, this is available to the US only

Anyone else getting lots of "Session Expired" and "System Error" error messages when trying to register? I can't seem to get past the gift selection screen.

It seems that many people are having issues when trying to register.

Is this a phishing site? There have been postings on digg that it is. The whois resolves to some guy in the UK...though the dns points to servers controlled by microsoft. The ssl certs are not valid either. There are messages posted on channel9 about this too. Some say legit..others say no.

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