Thursday May 5th

Wednesday May 4th


With the EmuEngine, you can create simple 2D games in .NET, it’s a small library with the following classes: * DrawingArea: This is the “main” class. It handles Picture objects, PictureWall objects, and PixelWall objects. It also includes a Collision function. Nothing more, but it’s enough for a simple 2D game like the test game in the sample project. * Picture: It represents a picture. The DrawingArea class has a function called AddPicture. With that function, you can add a picture into your game. * PictureWall: nearly the same as the Picture class. You can add a PictureWall object with the AddPictureWall function of the DrawingArea class into your game. * PixelWall: The constructor eats a Color, it’s a nice way to add a colored wall into your game.


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