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Happy 1st Birthday is 1 year old today. Over the past year the community has steadily grown and the quality of the main feed has steadily increased. 1,385 of you links have been posted to the homepage over this time. Thanks for making the site what it is.


Wow. Is it a year already? I remember when this site opened.

Congrats, hopefully the hard work is paying off and I hope to see more improvements in the future!

Once more, congratulations on your excellent work! I've been hearing the best about your service here in Greece ever since I started promoting it. I wish you the best for 2007.

Congratulations :-) Nice idea and good implementation of this site helped it to have a good position in .NET community.

Keep the great job up ;-)

Happy Birthday indeed. Thanks for creating a great community!! How do I get a piece of cake? LOL.

I think you've created an invaluable resource and one of my favorite web sites. Thanks for all your hard work. Here's to another successful year (with more features ;-) )!

Happy Birthday! This is an excellent website. I come here to get my .NET fix daily.

Congrats Gavin. Been lurking here for months in non-registered mode for ages but the cake pic prompted me to sign up properly. Community building tip: more cake pics! Thanks for a great resource and for that kick-ass coding fu you passed on so graciously. V.

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