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CCNetConfig RC2 Released

I have put out a release on CodePlex. Here is a list of the changes/fixes: * 8102 Add support for BrekiLabeller * 7378 Scheduled trigger name does not show * 7102 cvs block missing attribute * 7952 Auto-Select Config Version in VersionFileDialog * 7946 Report Bug Dialog Show Details Bug * 7687 NUnitTask/Path should use FileOpenDialog * 6537 Ability to duplicate a project's config * 6431 File Save/Load Is Difficult to Use * 8064 Bug changing source control or label items * 8063 Bug saving a file as a different configuration version. * 7979 WeekDays UITypeEditor Bug * 7951 Support Multiple Versions of CCNet * 7948 Add Minimum/Maximum Version Attribute to CCNet Object * 7945 Add AccuRev SourceControl * 7944 Add LastChangeLabeller * 7103 prebuild task


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