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Increase Productivity With Search Driven Development

Search Driven Development is the de-facto software methodology in use almost universally. How to bring it into the IDE.


I've burnt up hundreds of hours in, but less so as I learn more and more. GG is definitely the best place for new developers. Second I'd say is the MSDN newsgroups and MSDN forums.
My big problem with Koders is that it emphasizes cut-and-paste coding, whereas the forums and groups emphasize the "how do I do this?" "use this pattern" dynamic. Cut and paste should be considered harmful. If you don't understand the code you're pasing you do no good.

Well yes and no. A good developer will know to read the code and understand it first. A bad developer might cut and paste the code, but they might do that with MSDN examples and other samples.

Bad developers will do bad things. There's no stopping that. But good developers will use tools effectively and do the right thing.

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