Friday May 6th

Thursday May 5th

Use Response.Filter to intercept your HTML

You can use Response.Filter to get a reference to the final HTML that will be sent to the client


I admit that i didn't know about the Filter property; but, in all honesty, I really can't think of any reason that I'd actually use this in a production environment. I realize that this sample was just to prove a point, so can anybody give a good reason that you would want to do this?

I use it to alter the HTML that a 3rd party component outputs. I don't have direct access to change this from the control itself so this was an easy way of manipulating the HTML. This could have also been done with a httpModule (or on each page by overriding the page's Render method) however, I thought this was a more suitable approach as I could just apply it to whichever pages I wanted with one line of code.

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