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Firefox as an IDE

"Although I prefer IE7's native speed and feel for day-to-day browsing chores, there's no doubt that Firefox is my primary web development IDE. Whenever I need to troubleshoot HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, I immediately reach for Firefox. That's primarily because of two incredibly powerful developer extensions for Firefox: Web Developer Extension and Firebug"


Firebug crashes on me half the fucking time. Venkman sucks ass and also tends to hang. I haven't tried WDE but I'll definitely check it out. I can't see it beating the IE developer toolbar or Fiddler.

I always developed in IE until I recently worked on a Javascript heavy application which was proving nearly impossible with the basic (and usually incorrect) error messages IE offers up. I switched to Firefox with Firebug and development speed went through the roof. Awesome. Still use IE as my default browser though. I don't like change.

I've used Firefox as my primary browser for years, both for surfing and for development. I only ever use IE for testing. I've just never understood how a skilled developer could stick with IE6 and not feel constrained by it's vast limitations.

Luckily IE7 has tabs and improved CSS rendering.

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