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ASP.NET 2.0 Provider model - the guts, the glory, the goodness

I still think the Provider model -- which handles high-level concepts like site membership, roles, and personalization, but allows you to modify the way they work at a low level by swapping in and out new providers -- is one of the coolest [...] things.


I just was describing this model to some people at work when discussing how to gradually roll out a distributed system. Let's say you have a three part system: A B and C. A has a dependency on B and C, but we can't write all three at the same time. By using the provider model, we can write A and enough code to replace the needed functionality of B and C in the form of small versions placed in DLLs expressed as providers in A' configuration. Later when we roll out B or C all we have to do is change the configuration of A and you're up and running.

... Too bad what I just posted here in the comments is better than the article. Unless you're in Belfast, don't bother reading.

@ yesthatmcgurk: You love the sound of your own voice, don't you? ;)


What does this have to do with Belfast?

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