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Silverlight Programming and Managed JavaScript - video

This podcast video shows the basics of programming with Silverlight and an Intro to Managed JScript.


I would have liked to see some of the source.. like.. the JS file that is created. It was my video of sliverlight, so I understand where its going, but I already know how to debug and build sites.

Thanks though. Interesting video.

OMGWTF? Worthless! What is this garbage? Here are some quotes from this video:

"Not much exciting here"
"This looks like some code here"
"You know, I'm doing the same stuff"
"This is actually not going to work"
"Look, this button turns red"
"I've got a button..."

This whole Silverlight thing stinks, it just reeks of vaporware. Is is a Flash-killer? Flex-killer? Who knows? Atlas is still too raw, so why would I waste my time with this garbage?

Feel free to flame me for being "closed minded, rigid, a fuddy-duddy," but I am not a hobbyist -- I don't have time to keep up with the current ADHD culture at Microsoft.

They need some focus -- the LINQ, ATLAS, SIlverlight, DLRT, ORCAS thing is starting to look like they are trying to throw pasta on the wall and see what sticks.

How about stabilizing Atlas, putting out some decent documentation that demos a FULL web application (e.g., ISpy) using the technology, and stop confusing the developer community? Accordians, rounded corners, buttons that turn red don't do anything for those of us who have to code for a living.

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