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EntitySpaces 2007 Released

The EntitySpaces 2007 (ES2007) Architecture for the Microsoft .NET Framework was released to production on May 28th, 2007. The EntitySpaces team would like to thank both our customers and those evaluating EntitySpaces for working hand in hand with us on the ES2007 release. The first ES2007 beta was posted on March 4th and thus began the customer feedback / defect reporting cycle with new versions following quickly as advancements were made. You have truly helped us to make EntitySpaces 2007 a very solid offering for those developing for the Microsoft .NET Framework. We are particularly pleased with some of the mobile development that is beginning to take root. We strive hard through our forums to hear you and allow you to shape the architecture you have invested in. We also work very hard to provide high quality support on our forums and to make ourselves available to our customers. ES2007 is a major advancement over it's predecessor (1.5.3) released on December 30th, 2006, these are just some of the new features.


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