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CruseControl.NET CCStatistics Upgrade to Support 1.3!

This was just what I needed, however it didn't work with the 1.3 ( to be exact) release of CruiseControl due to API changes. made by ThoughtWorks and the team. Drew Noakes did a nice fix for CC.NET however this breaks on 1.3 as I found when using Reflector to dig into why the code was calling a method that simply no longer exists in 1.3 (StatisticsFile). So I managed to migrate this today (a nice Saturday) and now the full source and binary are available upon request. I will be posting this soon in a public place (probably Grant's site) , however if you have an urgent need simply email me.


Wow, I must have missed this last month. The graphs look great.

I hope to set up CC.NET for DotNetKicks in the near future and will look to add these reports to the dashboard.

They now are included with 1.4! It's quite cool.

We'd be more then happy to help of course for free . Just email me at :


Sorry this was an old comment. Did you do this?


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