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It would be nice if DotNetKicks had a way to dump rather than kick a post.

I'll leave the same comment here that I left on the blog:

Not to be overly critical but blogging on a wizard that is, for the most part, self-explanatory is somewhat akin to writing help file for Windows Notepad.

Hear, hear to both your points

I will leave the same comment I left on the blog:


You are correct. However, If you search my blog how to do script complete database question is asked very often.

My blog is focused on helping users who need help and I think, looking at stats of this particular post, I am very satisfied.

Pinal Dave (

"It would be nice if DotNetKicks had a way to dump rather than kick a post."

If this was Digg I would Digg you down into infinity.

I'm not sure that we have a big enough community to allow negative kicks. On the most active of days only about 10 stories make the homepage.

I don't kick posts that I don't like, I think this works well for now.

You article shows how to create script to create the whole database from scratch. But in case if you don't need to create script for whole database, but script for changing database this method is impossible. Have you heard about Database Restyle - Library? This component allows the generation of script for database schemas synchronization:

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