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Who Kicked It?

I've just deployed SVN revision 160 to Included in the release is a nice feature from Kevin Fricovsky and some bug fixes from Pedram Shahsavand.


Very usefull feature. Nice to see DNK evolving.

Avatars and an improved profile page would be nice.

Yes that would be nice. I thought that this weekend i will try to implement the new improved profile feature. This will enable the user to also see all stories the user has submitted to DNK. I will also enable to change password.

gavin, once we add avatars...I'll have to redo the code I just added ;P

it will be much cooler though.

I also realize that evevntually we should add ajax/dom funcitonality so that when a user kicks the story on this page that we immediately add them to the "userrs who kicked".

that won't be difficult at all...need to add it to the lsit though.

Why just use gravatar? Its easy to implement; there's even a control out there for it. All you need is the ability to associate your gravatar email with your account...

Gravatar would be good - it seems like it will be easy to use

gavin, you can't just do gravatar...well ya could but I wouldn't suggest it.

first, you force people to use a 3rd party service which only exists to profit from you forcing your users to create a gravatar.

second, most people here will have an account on DNK before they ever create a gravatar account.

so make it profile option, but don't force it...please.

Fair points monty. I do like the simplicity of it though. I'm interested in hearing others opinions.

If a DNK user doesn't have a Gravatar account, what's the worst that can happen...they're assigned a default avatar? Seems like a pretty small price to pay. On the other hand, users with Gravatars (disclosure: I'm one of them) have yet another site that supports their online 'branding'.

Gavin, I say go ahead with it -- the time it takes to add support for custom avatars will probably be better spent on other DNK features. monty is prudent to be wary of a third-party solution but I really don't see much of a downside.

i've also seen gravatar sllloooooooow down sites. @cdjaco - i kinda see what yer getting at in reducing complexity and dev time...but i could also respond with "why not just use digg instead of DNK"...essentially what yer saying, since digg has more features and it would save gavin and the dev team the dev time.

essentially, caveat emptor.

Digg doesn't fit the bill for focused sites such as DNK. If they were open source, they would indeed save us time.

Maybe we can use gravatars for a while and see how they work out. We can always roll our own in the future.

monty: I wasn't aware of a Gravatar-induced slowdown. I understand your point about Digg, though I think DNK is far more useful since it doesn't have the swarms of partisan morons turning every item into a political debate.

Anyway, I came across a potential solution to the Gravatar speed problem: .

Awesome, thanks!

As you can see, I have implemented the gravatars using the technique highlighted by cdjaco. The profile page will have an edit sometime this weekend and you will be able to set your own then.

I've updated the gravatar code to use a server side cache - this gives us the best of both worlds.

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