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They (spammers) look like ants from here

Since adding some basic user visualisation to the other day, I have become slightly addicted to viewing the who's online page. This morning I added colour coding to the users based on their status - green for new users, blue for existing users and red for spammers.


Maybe there should be a special box or total for non-registered visitors.

"Spammers don't really know that their account has been flagged" - they will now. Are you going to keep the Who's Online page like this for a while or just have it color coded for Admins and Mods?

I'll leave it like it is for awhile, then update it to only show spammers to moderators.

Now that is quite a nice feature :)

Are there any common characteristics of spammer accounts (domain, user agent, length of post) you've noticed, Gavin?

I haven't done any analysis on the spammers yet. My impression is that most of them don't understand that this site has a narrow focus. Maybe I should set up

I truly miss all the baby shower spams.

I'm such a filthy liar.

Cool I'm there and I'm blue!

Don't tempt me ;)

So we would vote for the most entertaining spam links? :D

That would be the idea, could probably sell the site for millions after a little while.

Hmm, and in the comments one could mock the spammers. Could be quite therapeutic!

(And perhaps a useful resource for generating a spammer blacklist)

Now this is pretty cool, nice work guys.

>> Spammers almost always use numbers in their user names

case in point:

I just went through all of his submitted stories - they are all spam. Fear not, I marked them as such... so a moderator should be removing them shortly - and flag that assclown as a Spammer!

@ussherm: thanks, have flagged jin12 as a spammer

@gavinjoyce Awesome! Glad I could help. :)

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