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FTP Must Die

"FTP is an outdated, insecure, slow, unfriendly pig of a protocol. It's got no business being on the Internet in the 21st century."


Not sure how .NET related this is other than many web developers still use FTP. Good rant though. Wouldn't it be nice if Windows servers came with ssh/scp instead of FTP?

It's not really .NET related. I did enjoy it as a rant. I was really just looking for a story to post to test the (alpha) Kick Spy:

I found this story very interesting. Indeed, they should come up with something more modern...

It would be nice if the article talked about some modern alternatives for FTP.

I'll just have to disagree with this one, okaaayyy?

FTP is anything but perfect, and it certainly isn't "sexy" like many other technologies, but like HTTP, SMTP, etc. it's a proven and reliable technology that is readily available in any platform whatsoever. I happen to like FTP for that very reason. It's stable and standard.

I'm with gazelem67; FTP is a stable protocol with a long, successful track record. I don't use it often, but when I do I seldom have a problem. The author concludes that FTP is "outdated, insecure, slow, unfriendly" -- the same could be said for Morse Code, for instance. Does that mean Morse Code is irrelevant or useless? Hardly. Like FTP, Morse Code fits the bill in a particular niche. Additionally, just as painful command-line FTP operations led to smart FTP clients, the agonizing and error-prone process of keying Morse Code eventually drove the development of automatic Morse Code transmitters.

Now if we were talking about Gopher, I might be more inclined to agree. :)

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