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ASP.NET Forums is gone and Community Server's not free

What happened to the download links for ASP.NET Forums on the website? As soon as Community Server 1.0 came out the links disapearred. I didn't really think of it at the time, but now that I want to set up a Forum I would like the old ASP.NET Forums. I just looked at the website and it doesn't even look like there is a free version anymore. The cheapest version is the Personal Edition and it costs $99!


Have you tried subsonicforums?

Interesting -- the Express version (the free one) was on the download page a month or two ago (when I was considering using it). Here's a forum post addressing the issue (though it looks like the CS people haven't chimed in, yet):

It's not free anymore? I was about to use it. Goddamnit :(

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