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Sending E-Mail using .net Framework 1.1 and 2.0 (SMTP .net framework s

Here you will find a selection of articles about SMTP and .net fx. If you have issues trying to send e-mails using .net, I would (you can find this info at the link provided): 1. First check if the problem is located on your .net code, or if it's a network issue (permissions, configurations...), you can try to send an e-mail using telnet. 2. If you are using .net fx 1.1 go for System.Web.Mail Oh My ! 3. If you are using .net fx 2.0 go for System.Net.Mail Oh My ! 4. If you want to build something more complex (e.g. embedd images on your e-mail), you can do it so using .net fx 2.0


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