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PostSharp - A Post-Compiler for .NET

PostSharp is a platform that allows you to transform or analyze your .NET assemblies after compilation. It reads binary assemblies into memory, execute a suite of plug-ins and write back the modified code. Geat tool for Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP).


I am fascinated by what PostSharp appears to accomplish. Aspect Oriented features without using a container to instantiate your objects. I need to download and dig through the code but my initial reaction is excitement over the potential.

PostSharp is really cool and very well supported with lots of information and even an introductory video.
It's the kind of tool that enables you to look at code like you never did before: now you can automatically implement things like security, logging, tracing, argument checking, persisting data, and do lots of really magical stuff with very little effort.
It adds another dimension to code.

I would _love_ to use all the cool tools comming out, like this one and castle project, just havent got any "BIG" projects where it would be handy :-(

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