Tuesday May 3rd

Monday May 2nd

GhostDoc 2.1.1 Release: For programmers who hate writing documentation

Unlike nDoc or Sandcastle, this tool doesn't generate the end-result documentation, rather, it's a VS add-in that _automatically_ writes the XML documentation in your C# code! What it generates is based upon a set of editable rules.


Sorry, I don't have a tool suggestion for the programmers that LOVE writing documentation, if any exist (the doc-loving programmer or the tool). ;)

I love this tool :)

I've used it for years since the VS 2003 version.

This along with Regionerate keeps my code clean, commented, and well organized.

This works great with nDoc (haven't tested it with Sandcastle yet). Basically, you use Ghostdoc to add XML comments and then nDoc to generate documentation from the XML comments in your code.

Did this replace NDoc?

No, GhostDoc generates XML Comments.
nDoc reads the Xml Comments and creates the documents.
They work in partnership but they don't overlap in functionality.

SandCastle is MS's version of nDoc that will hopefully replace nDoc since nDoc is now dead.

SandCastle story is at http://www.dotnetkicks.com/clr/Sandcastle_September_2007_Community_Technology_Preview_CTP

I've been using GhostDoc for quite a while now. Excellent tool.

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