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It's Time for Microsoft to Make SQL Server Hosting Free.

My Biggest Question and Argument...? What sense does it make for Microsoft to bring all languages under one roof, if they are not going to earn from database hosting. If They have no intentions to earn then why charge for SQL Hosting....? Its time for Microsoft to understand this and remove a small yet big hurdle that stops developers reaching towards windows hosting world.


Microsoft doesn't host databases. That's up to the web host providers not Microsoft. If the host wanted to pay the bills themselves, then it could be free. I don't understand the argument. SQL Server costs money for the web host providers, but whether or not and how much they charge their clients has nothing to do with Microsoft.

The guy doesn't understand SQL licensing. He also doesn't understand that you can code against a MySql database just as easily as against a Sql Server database. He also fails at Sql Server Express.

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