Friday May 6th

Thursday May 5th

Introducing MonoRail HotSwap

I hate aimless bitching, and this post annoyed me enough to decide to do something about it. The basic problem is that making any change at all to an ASP.Net application requires an AppDomain load / unload, which takes a lot of time. This means that a quick change and browser refresh are not possible, you are trying to minimize those waits as much as possible, and that hurts the feedback cycle.


I don't know anything about Windsor so I can't comment as to whether this would help, but to get around the annoying rebuild aspect of monorail I just put my controllers in App_Code/Controllers and setup my web.config like so.

<viewEngine viewPathRoot="views" customEngine="Castle.MonoRail.Framework.Views.NVelocity.NVelocityViewEngine, Castle.MonoRail.Framework.Views.NVelocity" />

Just save the controller and it auto compiles for you the next time the site is accessed.

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