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.NET - Basic oops terms used in .NET

Hi, This article introduse you with some of the basic oops terms and .net basic terms used in .NET framework.


Perhaps too basic for DNK?

Possibly, but you may be surprised how many ".NET Developers" I've worked with that didn't know those terms. At one interview, I was asked, "What's a property?" That was the dev manager's baseline knowledge level he was seeking. He said they had a lot of applicants and former employees that didn't know the answer.

Hey joy, actually these are the terms which sometimes interviwer can ask you, so according to that point of view i preapred these definitions, and one more thing whenevr i am preparing for the iview's i got differnt definitions for these terms in whichever book i read, that's i decided to make a standard definitions which actually tell you wht is that term mean??? I d't know wht is basic and advanced for DNK, My purpose is just to share knowledge with all people, and i think DNK is the good sources to distribute your knowledge... :D

rim the problem u r telling it happens with mostly all peoples caz we all want to move ahead in technologies and for that we everyday try to learn a new and advanced concept, We normally forgets the basic terms,

My name is Gavin, not Joy ;)

srry,, actually i know your name caz i think you have given a comment in my site and given your name Joy that's why, Gavin,:)

Might be too basic for some of us... but I'm actually going to share this article with a team of ex-VB6 and Mainframe developers that I'm currently mentoring in .net - it should serve as a handy reference guide for them.

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