Saturday October 20th

F# Weekly #42, 2018 - Zander, Fantomas and Extending F#

TWC9: GitHub Actions, Visual Studio 2019 Roadmaps, Remembering Paul Allen, and more

Friday October 19th

Registering a type as an interface and as self with ASP.NET Core dependency injection

Visual Studio App Center: A New But Familiar Upgrade for HockeyApp Customers

Visual Studio Productivity Tips: Cycle Clipboard Ring feature to perform multiple copy/paste

Exploring Vim | Barbarian Meets Coding

What to focus on when learning ASP.NET Core?

DaedTech Digest: The Time Our Slow Travel Lifestyle Broke US Customs

Webinar 10/23: Advanced data prep with Power BI dataflows for unified data and powerful insights

Shortcut: Finding error locations within queries in SQL Server Management Studio

Twitter AMA on Service Fabric Mesh

(Not so) Stupid Questions 307-311:.NET Core and .NET Standard, unit testing and SpanT

ASP.Net Core default route on startup

Creating the perfect MVP Summit

Paranoid decisions and OMG customers

Exploring Elasticsearch with Docker

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18262

Book Review : Clean Code

Server-side Blazor applications

Exploring Clang Tooling Part 1: Extending Clang-Tidy

Creating a Custom Horizontal Nav Component Using React Office UI Fabric

Deploying AKS with least privileged service principal

Azure Data Factory

Watch: Jeff Fritz discusses .NET Tips and Tricks

Q-Learning Using Python

Presentations, Poker and More on this week's Friday Five!

Automating the creation of Azure Service Principals with PowerShell

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community - 2018.10.19

Thursday October 18th

Using an OData Client with an ASP.NET Core API

Using ASP.NET Core with MongoDB in containers for local dev, CosmosDB for production