Monday February 20th

Bring back alt.NET? But... why?

.NET Core Ecosystem - My thoughts

How to use to shorten GitHub URLs and create vanity URLs - 049

Low level Voron optimizations: Recyclers do it over and over again.

How to view the name and email that is associated with a commit on GitHub via the web browser - 051

How to hide your email address in your Git commits but still get contributions to show up on your GitHub profile - 050

Day 7 - Creating an ASP.NET Core Web Application

Real-Time ASP .NET Core

Refactoring Towards Resilience: Async Workflow Options

Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore. Boon is One Epic Leader.

F# Weekly #8, 2017

Automatically Placing Semicolons in Visual Studio Code.

Last Week on Channel 9: February 13th - February 19th, 2017

A Overlooked PowerShell Module For Generating Data

Interview Questions by MK #8

Keep Your Codebase Fit with Trend Metrics

Things I've Learnt This Week (19th February)

Government clearance and a happy wife. Success.

Developers are saving the world. It's true. Eric Meyer is proof.

Compress Images using the TinyPNG CLI

Enabling Cross-Origin Requests In ASP.NET Core

Xamarin Forms Timer

Best Practices: How to deploy Azure Site Recovery Mobility Service

Paging And Sorting In jTable Using MVC

Xamarin Forms ListView Grouping

Enabling U-SQL Advanced Analytics for Local Execution

Azure Weekly: Feb 20, 2017

Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers - Jeffrey Opdam

Absolutely Amazing! Azure Alert Anything, or Anyone, Anywhere, Automatically, Always!

Let's Try WCF Self-Hosted Services in a Container